What is a Hustle Queen? And Why You Should Become One!

You may have seen me throw around the hashtag #hustlequeen quite a lot this month and its all for good reason.

As a woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur,  I understand the difficulties of wearing more hats than a hat store.

Quite often, as a budding professional/entreprenuer, we may not have the resources, knowledge or tools to get to the next step in order for us to have the vision we have always dreamed not only for us, but for our families.

So as #hustlequeens,  we research, read, digest, plan and be resourceful with all of the tools we do have that can help us get to the next plateau in our professional and personal lives with sippy cups and Barbie dolls in tow! LOL

Noticing how much us #hustlequeens  spin  around on our heels trying to learn and get as much as we can, I decided to create Visionary Business- a stationery shop and design services that helps you, the modern femprenuer/momprenuer, have the necessary motivational support, knowledge and designs you need to put your best foot forward professionally.

Want to know more? Check out my video below ( Just started my YouTube Channel!! Yay! There will be many more videos to come..so be on the look out!):

Also there are big things happening on the horizon for Visionary Stationery coming so be on the lookout very soon-after all “Imma, Imma Hustla” — a #hustlequeen that is 😛

In the meantime in between time…. what are you struggling with design-wise or do you need a some quick support to let you know you can do this? Hit me up in the comment below and if you like what you hearing so far and want get in on it.. become a Visionary Vixen with me below!




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