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Why vision boards are so last year! – Visionary Stationery

Why Visions Boards are SO Last Year!

It was big stuff in 2014. Everybody and their mama’s mama was having a vision board parties or posting their vision board process on Facebook.

And to be real honest, I think every woman should attend or at least have a vision board party. It gives the perfect excuse to chill out with your friends and drink wine while you can giggle the day away.  

Wine + Friends + Glitter glue= Ball of fun. 

And that’s mainly the good part about vision boards in my view. But other than that, it’s such a dang fad.

I’ve listen to various motivational, life or business coaches, mentors, etc. that swear by creating a vision board.  And for me its great to have a visual image of your dreams and goals in life.

Whoo Hoo for visuals!


I guess its the Aquarian in me that just can’t subscribe to creating a vision board because it’s SOOO overdone!  Not to say I haven’t tried.  I did.  Once.  A repeated once.

I tried to create one on Canva.com and I was even going to create a full tutorial that you could download to see how I did it and you can place it as your screensaver, yadda yadda blah blah.

I had my layout set and for about 15 mins, I starred at the pictures.  So after a few weeks, I remembered I had an attempted vision board.  Then I trashed it.

I wasn’t doing anything for me.

Even if I decided to cut up a bunch of magazine paper and stick on a poster, it would have a permanent residence behind my desk next to the wall (the wall would get more benefit than me).

So do vision boards completely suck? 

No, of course not. It’s a great way to see your dreams in a visual manner. So have a visual board of your dreams, but realize,

[ctt title=”Vision boards are a waste of glue or perfectly pretty glitter if you don\’t really use it.” tweet=”Vision boards are a waste of glue or perfectly pretty glitter if you don’t really use it @visionarypaper” coverup=”V38c2″]

Here are 3 Problems I have with vision boards and some quick solutions to help you fulfill your dreams or purpose! 

3 Problems with Vision Boards-With Solutions!

Problem 1:  Vision Boards don’t explain your dream. 

Yea I know that your vision board should be quick and easy, but just some random pics with words all over the place doesn’t truly nail down your visualization of your goals.  You may have the word “success” glued next to Morris Chestnut or Idris Elba (Although, this may be a success to some of you, I’m sure getting with Mr. Chestnut is not one of your actual visions).

Solution: If you must have a vision board, use quotations or actual declaration statements instead such as ” Success for me is living a lifestyle of freedom and happiness with my family”. Then you can have a picture of your family on vacay or something.  This way it’s something tangible you can connect to with an experience rather than dream about Morris Chestnut (Naw, girl it ain’t happening–he’s married).

Problem 2: Vision Boards aren’t very visual speaking to the wall.

Your visions will NOT manifest itself if your board currently has deep on-going convo with your Mr. Wall or Ms. Box.  Using my telepathy skills, I think your vision boards may be angry with you if they are dusty. The whole point is for your vision boards to be visible 24-7-365.3 (the decimal whatever is for that one time you lost sleep for daylight savings time.) Every chance you get you should be seeing your vision board. If not, you’re committing  crimes against vision board-i-ness.

Solution: Make your vision board digital. Yeah, like I said I was doing above (I’ll make it a challenge for me to create a really great digital vision board with a video tutorial for you). But this time, make it as a desktop or phone screen saver! You know you always on your phone or computer. So might as well see it every day and spare yourself vision board jail.

Problem 3: Vision Boards do not hold you accountable! 

Dahlin’ doo-doo, you can dream all you want ’bout Morris Chestnut and he will NOT magically appear in your bedroom. Much less your neighborhood. You can have a really hot, well mannered man like Morris Chestnut and vision about that, but you got to do the work kiddo! Like, date! If you want to travel the world, you gotta figure out where you going and how you gonna get there and coming up with a budget, etc. You have to take little steps in order to make the big step towards to vision. And you have to hold it to yourself to take those little steps.

Solution: WRITE IT DOWN! Pen, pencil and paper, are not ancient. You don’t even have to dip for ink anymore. Use your computer if needed. Stop being mechanically lazy and write down your *ish down with actionable steps or objectives to achieve your goals. Along with your objectives, create a benchmark for yourself to reach.

With 2015 coming to a close soon, its time to start putting your visions and goals into perspective. If you need some assistance in that area, especially if you are an entrepreneur, you can use my Hustle Queens Plan! Printable Business Planner available at my Etsy shop! Click here or click the pic below to take a look and make sure your visions become reality! 🙂

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