I walk outside to check the mail…


Shoe advertisement and other inserts –“oh those shoes are cute” — trash.

Handwritten card— “Wow! For me?”

I spend time reading who it came from.

I felt the texture of the envelope between my fingers, appreciating the handwriting and feeling great because my name is on it.

Have you ever had this feeling when going to your mailbox?

I know some of you dread going to your mailbox to see those bills, right (don’t lie..lol)

But when you get a really nice handwritten letter or card — you seem to just perk up don’t you?

Why it is that we have to wait until a special occasion like the holidays, a birthday (if that) or when someone special passes away in order to get something heartfelt and written in our mailbox?

Imagine the connections we can extend and maintain if we take just 2 mins of our precious time to say “Hey, You’re On My Mind..” or simply “Thanks”?

And NO, a text message don’t count!

I loved writing letters as a kid and receiving greeting cards–and I kept all of them (Yes, I do in a zip-locked bag so I can prevent water damage). It’s pieces of my life recorded on paper that I can look back and see how much I’ve grown. The power of using energy to write is a forgotten aspect of our lives… but I think it will come back very soon. Many business are beginning to get back into the “old” way of communicating by sending handwritten “Thank You’s”, “You’re Appreciated” and more. Don’t believe me? Check out the following articles by American Express, the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and The Huffington Post.

Writing doesn’t have to be a difficult process like your fingers are about to cramp and drop off because you haven’t use them in that way for so long. Use these simple ways to connect with yourself and others by writing and you will see how beautiful and rich your relationships will grow.

And yes–all of these involve paper and something to write with… don’t let me catch you using these as a PM or meme..;)

4 Ways to Connect with Handwritten Paper!

Thank You Cards

—  Thank you cards can be sent for anything, to a friend, a colleague, a mentor/coach,  your spouse, and even to your customers/clients.  It doesn’t have to be fancy either. A simple card that says “Thanks” with a blank inside is fine. Keep it simple in your message. This is a great asset for businesses to keep in contact with your customer base.  And if your handwriting is like crab-hand, chicken scratch–get or hire someone to write it for you.

Tip:  There are companies that also design thank you cards and handwrite them for you. I don’t particularly like the ‘computerized’ handwriting trend that going on though. Why? because it’s not authentic.  I think seeing a person actually write it with the flow of the pen tells you there was energy put into it.

My Visionary Crystal Ball: Thank You Cards and Thank You Cards handwriting services coming soon right here.. 😉

Personal or Business Notepads or Sticky Notes

–You know they were created for a reason. Yes you can use it to remind yourself of something, but what about using that to send a quick note to someone? Yeah a text or IM would be faster, but doesn’t it feel good to see a handwritten note on your fridge from your SO?

Tip:  Someone actually tried sending handwritten texts, the response was interesting. See it here

My Visionary Crystal Ball: Notepads and Sticky Notes are coming right here.. stay tuned!

Handwritten Letters

— Oh the joys of receiving mail in your mailbox and it’s not from Publisher’s Clearing House or another frickin’ bill. It’s actually a letter from someone you adore or helped along the way and they just wanted to say “Hey, wassup?” Remember those? There should be a Buzzfeed video of kids and teens trying to use a quill and ink to write. Try sending one of those with actual paper and pen and a really nice stamp and see what reaction you get. There was even a song about handwritten letters… yeah.. Remember Aaliyah’s 4 Page Letter? Don’t remember see it below:

Tip: If you own a business and you have a business coach or mentor, I would think a great way to show your appreciation would be a handwritten letter with your business letterhead. This shows your coach/mentor you are committed and appreciate their energy into making your brand successful.

My Visionary Crystal Ball:  Custom Business Stationery kits are coming right here.. getting excited yet?  😛

Planners and Journals

— Ok. Evernote and Wunderlist is frickin’ awesome… no doubt. I got it on my computer. BUT… There is just something about writing your goals, your struggles, your triumphs , your to-do’s–should do’s and f*ck it, let them do’s on paper. Writing your life’s biggest stories on paper and getting a chance to look back to see how much you’ve accomplished is awesome. Besides, those words you wrote could make for a great book to help someone who experienced just what you did and help them overcome their obstacles. Think about it.

And I got a really great story about this–but you’ll have to see me tell it on my YouTube Channel!

Tip:  I’m not a big fan of blank journals because I sit and watch a lined paper wondering what to write. So if you can find journal prompts or a prompted journal–this could help spark the words to write things down–with a pen—not a stylus!

My Visionary Crystal Ball:   Want some printable prompted journals in your inbox each week, sign up for my email listing below and get one every week… and yes you have it print it out and WRITE!  But wait for it……. Visionary Journals and Planner are coming…Yeah baby! <3

So there you go.. get off your device and start writing for pen’s sake!

Till Next Time, Be Visionary!

Lauren | Visionary Stationery

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