When was the last time you received a thank you letter in the mail?

Probably can’t remember.

I received a thank you letter from a fellow entrepreneur for helping her and just receiving the card itself was a great thing to see in the mail.

I was really happy to see my name that didn’t look like a mean-ass bill (You know how your bills types your name in all caps or they have absolutely no color).

Seeing your name handwritten sends a message to your self-worth scale and says “Hey I see you! And you matter!”

So why don’t more people send special thank you notes?

People do send thank you notes, but most are sent through email or text messaged to oblivion when someone feels their inbox has gotten flooded with junk.

So you may be saying do I have to send a thank you note? Well, why the hell not?

If you can scroll through pics of flippin’ cats (literally), babies doing the Nae-Nae or other stuff, then you have time to send someone special a thank you note.

And it doesn’t have to be long, a few short sentences can do wonders to make someone’s day a bit brighter.

For businesses, this should be a non-negotiable aspect of your marketing.  Thanking your customers/clients/tribe in a special way by sending them a note of appreciate lets them know you appreciate them believing in your brand—and you!

So what do you say in your note?

Not every thank you note is equal.  How you say thanks to your Auntie will be completely different to how you would say thanks to your Boo, a co-worker, or a customer.

So here are some sample thank you card messages to get you started sans flippin’ cats or the Nae-Nae. And share your heart away with the graphic below, please! 🙂

7-thank you message-samples

Thank You Messages for Weddings

Informal Messages

Dear Tanti (Or Aunty however you say it) Merle,

We received your beautiful gift the other day. The china set you gave us is so beautiful and will be a great for our family dinner for the holidays coming up. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, generosity and being a loving presence at our wedding.  We look forward to seeing you again!



Formal Messages

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Washington,

The handmade wooden fountain is amazing! This will be a great addition for our living room as a great relaxation for both of us. Thank you for this unique and thoughtful gift and also being present at our wedding. Best wishes to your family and look forward to seeing both of you again.



Thank You Messages for Receiving Gifts (Holidays, Special Events, etc.)

Informal Messages

Hey Diedra,

Girl, I just got your natural body butter gift set in the mail the other day! You have an amazing thing going on here! I love how it smells and it makes my skin so soft. I love it so much. Thank you so much. Girl, I need your deets because I need to tell everybody about this.

Love you Lady,


Informal Messages (especially when the gift was like socks or underwear or just ‘meh’)

Hi Granny,

I got your Christmas gift! Thanks so much for thinking about me. These knee-hi puppy socks will definitely keep me warm. You’ve always taken great care of me and I know for sure I have the best Granny in the entire world.  Thanks Granny and Happy Holidays!



Formal Messages

Hello Mr. Keating,

Happy Holidays and thank you for the awesome holiday cookies you brought for the team. It sure was a wonderful way for all of us to connect and discuss ideas for the new launch project.  Maybe we can do this again soon and all of us take turns.


Myra Jennings

Thank You Note Messages for Businesses

Product Purchase Messages

Dear Karen (Customer’s/Client’s) Name,
Thank you for purchasing our Shea Butter Bliss body butter cream! Please let us know how our Butter bliss feels on your skin and any improvements you find with your skin as well. We would love to hear from you! We hope you enjoy our body cream and as a bonus, enjoy our sample Mango & Aloe mask as well!


Alisha R.

Nature to Nurture Co.


For The Holidays Messages

Dear Aliyah,

Thank you for being a valued customer to us! We value you and will continue to provide you the products and/or services you have grown to love and adore.  Please accept this small token of our appreciation and we at Heart & Home wish you and your family all the best for your holiday and the New Year!



Heart & Home

Visionary Tip:  Make sure your thank you cards are handwritten. It shows personalization and caring. If you are sending your thank you cards in mass (such as for large corporations), it is okay to automate  handwriting –however either create your own special handwritten font, use an authentic handwritten typeface or hire a company to hand-write your cards for you ( like me 😉 –shameless plug.. yeppers! )

For more tips and DIY stationery hook ups and other great stuff, sign up with me below without the flippin’ cats!  

Toot Toot; Beep, Beep til Next Week,

Lauren | Visionary Stationery




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