Warning! Are You Sabotaging Your Brand?

by | Jul 1, 2016

Yeah it’s been a minute.. but I’m back and comin’ at cha! This is one to make to think… check it out.

You have your business and you need some visuals for your brand that look amazing and really communicate what you want to tell your potential customers.

So what do you do?  You have some options.

First, you start to play around with it on Canva. But then after playing around with their templates for about 30 minutes, you figure your design isn’t looking right and you’re getting nowhere with it.

You say “Ain’t nobody got time for that! I need to get some new customers!”

Ok, scratch the DIY thing.

So you begin your search for anybody that can help you whip up a “quick” graphic like a Facebook ad or post.

You start reaching out ‘Dee Dee and dem’ because they family and either won’t charge you or may charge you about $5 or $10 bucks.

But Cousin Dee Dee got to work 6 days a week. Plus she has her kids she has to take to the zoo. Your graphic isn’t the first thing on your cousin’s mind because that’s really her “lil’ side hustle thing.”

Cuz Dee-Dee gets axed. 

Well dang, you just need a “quick” Facebook ad and post graphic done? Is that so much to ask? Nope, because SOMEBODY on Facebook should know who can ‘whip up’ a graphic real quick for under $15 bucks.

So you post on Facebook.  You’re friend recommends Fiverr.  And just for $10! For real! Hallelu!

So you jump on Fiverr. You get two graphics with little correction and it looks fine. Good to go.

You post it up on your page and you run your ad.


No conversion. No conversation. No customers.  Just crickets.

So you start wondering what you did wrong and you begin the entire process all over again.

Does this story sound familiar?

If it does it is because you are practically shoving your brand down the toilet. Only reason being is because you don’t know better and have been creating your visual brand ass backward.

Don’t get me wrong, there are really great designers on Fiverr and elsewhere that can create some awesome graphics for you.  But, you need to consider taking better care of your visual brand like you would take care of your hair.


For example, this weekend I actually decided to pay attention to my hair.  I conditioned it, clipped my ends, braided it into a protective style and left it in there for weekend. With natural hair (what I got), this usually is a half-a-day or full day event (especially if you’re washing your hair). Next time, I’m taking my butt to a natural hair salon to get it professionally done –too much work for me.

Now, let’s take your visual brand into consideration. When was the last time you really paid attention to your visual brand?

Is your font scheme consistent with your social media postings?

Are you using the same colors consistently? (That’s having five different colors in your hair…if your hair is currently a rainbow; ignore this last statement).

Does your visual brand have a mood board, branding board and branding guideline? (That’s like putting a roller-set in your hair and not wearing a silk cap to sleep in).

If you don’t have these elements that usually a visual branding strategist or designer would create for you, you are literally giving your graphic designer your brand on a platter and telling them to do what they want with it.

Getting a graphic designer on Fiverr or other mediums that have cheap graphics done is great for now to get it done quickly, but you wind up spending more money than you would hiring a full-time visual branding strategist/designer for your brand.


Here are a few reasons why it’s better to hire a visual branding strategist/designer (VBD):

They have a full understanding of your brand: Your VBD would be able to spot visual communication that is not in sync with your brand message instantly because they assisted with the guidelines.

They can help facilitate the brand message: If your VBD hires graphic designers to assist, they would know exactly what the communication should look like and make sure it adheres to your guidelines.

You save money and time: As in the scenario above, for the amount of time you’ve spent trying to save a buck, you could have simply hired a VBD on a monthly or yearly basis to complete your project work. You save time from searching for a graphic designer who may not be available when you need them.

They know your brand grows: When you hire a graphic designer, they render your artwork and that’s it. “Wheel bend, story ends”. You’re finished with them and they move on to their next client. And if you hire them again months later, they’ve probably forgotten the details of your brand message or not even aware of any changes to your brand. If you had a VBD, they would know already because they assist with the new brand message and creates the new designs to go out.


You really have three choices when it comes to your visual brand. Check out the info-graphic below to see what choice is best for you.  And please share it to your hearts content! 

Who should design your brand - Visionary Stationery-Lauren V Designs

Are You Finally Ready to Upgrade Ya Branding ?

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