Social media is all a-buzz from Beyonce’s Saturday release of her video, #Formation. If you haven’t seen or heard of it, I’m surprised. So here’s the video if you haven’t:

There’s a lot of conversation surrounding Beyonce’s drop of her new track and think that this is a new direction for her with images of Black issues such as Hurricane Katrina and #Blacklivesmatter. However, upon really paying close attention to the purpose of Bey’s song and the video directed by Malina Matsoukas, this song is completely the M.O. of Beyonce. The director’s visual direction should be looked upon for her portrayal of New Orleans with subtle imagery to Hurricane Katrina and #blacklivesmatter. Having this a Black power video.. nahhhh. Sorry.  Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us-the Prison Version” is MUCH deeper if you’re looking for that purpose.

Basically, Beyonce wrote a song saying “This is who I am and for those who don’t like it, IDGAF,”  Throughout the video she also presents imagery that allows to show that us as women, especially Black women, that we should be who we are unapologetically and give -1 f*cks about it.

Now to bring this into perspective and clear up some things. Let it be known that I am a Black Caribbean woman and I for one do not have hot sauce in my bag nor can I stand the sight of Red Lobster. I am who I am. I love smooth R&B, Soca, and Reggae. I eat boiled fish and fungi and I study numerology. My passion is stationery and branding. This is how #I SLAY unapologetically 🙂

Purpose and Passion in Visual Branding

This is a classic look at effective branding.  Bey’s purpose in this video is her self-worth and self-respect; unapologetically. Her passion is musical entertainment.  Through this aspect, it’s easy to see that passion is birthed from purpose. She hasn’t deviated her on-going movement at all.

Beyonce’s entire branding or reputation is surrounded in helping those who follow her (women and men) to feel like they can slay the world in whatever they do. This is Beyonce’s movement which she has become successful in. Her passion is music. She lives and breathes music in dance, vocal and lyrical arrangements. She practices her passion everyday.  Packaging her purpose and passion into something that appeals to our senses then provides her profit.

So the same is simple for us, especially women in business when it comes to visual branding.

[ctt title=”Your purpose motivates your passion which drives you to your profit. ” tweet=”Your purpose motivates your passion which drives you to your profit. #visionarybranding” coverup=”Siyaq”]

First,  form your purpose.. what is it that you want to change in this word? What is it that you see in your life or business that brings you pain, anger or joy? Then, understand how to visually communicate your passion. How can you use your talents, knowledge, gifts to express your movement or purpose?  

One you do that, you have no choice to Slay, Queen, Slay! 

How do you Slay? What is your purpose and what is your passion? Sound off below with your comments..

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