How Writing A Journal Can Inspire Your Life and Business

Learn how writing a journal can manifest your goals and dreams in life and business.

Remember during grade school, you had to have a black & white composition book because it was required for writing journals?

I remember some people in my class used the time to catch a 30 min. nap, some pass notes to catch up on the latest melee (gossip) …

Then there were some of us, like me, who wrote until their fingers hurt.

I wish I still had my journals.  I saved a lot of my grade school work just to look back on, but many of it was destroyed by hurricanes that came in the Virgin Islands.

When I do look back on my entries, it gives me a story of my life.

Details that I can reminisce over and things I can aspire to.

Even though life got wind of my practice of journal writing, I still found some way to write things down either on paper or in a notebook.

Recently, I was looking through some old stuff of mine and I came across a notebook I had about 2 years ago.

Of course there were a bunch of notes to do this, that and the other for everybody.

But, there was one paper in which I wrote “First Things First – Goals and Objectives” dated 8/17/13


Here is a picture of my notebook from 2013 jotting down my goals and aspirations. My, how things change.

This was the one point in the entire notebook when I decided to put myself, my goals and my actions first before all else.

As women, especially Black women, we have a tendency take care of everything else, but we never take the time to meditate and reflect on our own needs, dreams and desires.

We have been conditioned as a society that if a woman thinks of our own desires and goals and puts that first, that it’s selfish.

But is it really selfish? Or is it self-worth?

On my goal and objectives note I mentioned –create a full-time business of graphic design services.


Number 2 was create a successful store via Etsy and website with extra-ordinary stationery at affordable prices

Check –I’ve learn about the prices along the way—making customized, personalized handmade stationery is laboring and Etsy has been a great learning experience as well.

The last one was to create a back-up business to supplement income.

Hmm working on it…research mode.

Being able to see my thoughts on paper and my visions on paper allowed me to appreciate how much I’ve grown over 2 years ago.

Two years ago, my store was a glimmer in my mind. But here we are reading this blog on my website that sells my stationery. 🙂 Score! Clutch shot for me!


So why is writing a journal so important?

  1. It’ll take you to task- Once you’ve written it down, your inner soul wants to see the visualization of your thoughts come to life. You don’t even realize it, but you want to do everything in your power to make what you’ve written down happen.
  2. You voice gets heard – Just like prayer/mediation, your inner thoughts and feelings can be flowed over paper—no judgement, ‘cut-eyes’ or ridicule. Just a pure release of full energy which you can look back and reflect on and learn from.
  3. You learn you are human – Once you’ve written it; it’s your experiences and dreams on paper. No one else’s. You have the ability to look back over your life and see how you’ve grown and changed over the years. If you didn’t like who you were before, there are more pages. Choose to write new experiences.
  4. It promotes positive thinking; prevents fear-based thinking – We all do it. I do it. The fear monster comes creeping in our heads and we think we are not ready to do the vision we have in mind. But if you write your goals and objectives down—the positive thinking becomes practice, practice becomes habit and habit becomes manifested dreams which = happiness.

Do you write journals or how can writing journals help you? Tell me in the comments below.

Don’t you think it’s time to reflect on your dreams and aspirations?

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