Design SLAY : How to Create a Mood Board

by | Mar 21, 2016

You ask, so I answer. 🙂

I was asked in my Facebook group,  ” How do you your brand message and make it visual?” (If you’re interested in joining my FB group–The Visionary Circle, I’ll have the deets below).

To take your brand message visually, you first need to understand your brand clearly and how you want to communicate your brand. If you haven’t gotten your branding clear,  then you can get some help by taking my free 3-day Brand Clarity Mini-Course . Click Here to Join.. It’s free tho, what ya got to lose?

Once you’ve created a solid branding message and plan for your brand identification, then its time to go ahead and come up with ideas on how you want your brand ID to look and feel. The way designers do that is by creating inspiration and/or mood boards.

Mood boards are selected pictures and colors that inspire a particular brand which helps to hone in on a central visual theme for a brand.  So basically, you’re taking what inspires you/your brand and finding all of the things that fit well together to create a brand ID that you can see.

So how do you create a mood board? You’re in luck because in the following videos, I show you exactly how to do that! 🙂 Check it out below:

How to Create A Mood Board for your Business Brand ID: Part 1

This particular part of the video goes into how to create your inspiration board in Pinterest so  you can take photos that inspire you into Canva to create your mood board.

How to Create A Mood Board for your Business Brand ID: Part 2

In this section, I show you how to create your mood board in Canva and also show you a little trick to remember your brand colors! 🙂 Check it out below:


So now that you know how to create your Mood board for your visual branding? What’s next? Comment below with your questions or comments or Like me on Facebook and send me your Q’s and I’ll give you your A’s on the next edition of Design SLAY!




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