How Did Prince Design a Legacy? Find Out Here.

by | Apr 23, 2016

How Did Prince Design a Legacy? Find Out Here.

You would think that having pouring rain during the biggest time of your life would be a total wipe out.

Not for a person that creates their legendary being.

And you would think when a company denies access to your intellectual property and money; you would just sink below the depth of nothingness.

Not for a legend.

To design an experience, you take abnormal and make it spectacular. And you take those who bring your name down and create a new one—unpronounceable at that.

My most memorable experience was Prince’s released the song “Diamonds and Pearls” in 1991. I was a young teen then and we didn’t have cable. So I was able to get a VHS tape of BET videos with Donnie Simpson so I can catch up on the latest videos. (My mom watched MTV and listened to the radio so back in the 80s I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney; but this experience right here—set the tone for me.)

So in goes my VHS and as I started to hear the guitar riff and piano background, I knew this was going to be really good.

And of course Prince NEVER disappoints with his art.

Shoo,  I heard that vocal range with his deep bass and Rosie Gaines coming in with the soul bringing me to complete “CHURCH”. Then the hook with the guitar solo… oh it was ALL over!

I wore out that tape. (Especially since singing is my second love –I would practice Prince’s part and Rosie’s part over and over).

It was then in my early teens I was able to appreciate the power of Prince’s gift. To honor a legend that has transitioned his Spirit to the Multi-verse to shred more guitars… here are some things I’ve learned from Prince to become a better artist and entrepreneur.

3 Lessons I’ve Learned from Prince on how to Design a Legacy

He was a practitioner, consumer, and pioneer of his craft.

One thing about Prince is that when it came to his music, he completely SLAYED! There’s no word to describe the musical genius of this man. As a matter of fact, maybe we’ll use just use his symbol to talk about his genius from now on. He worked HARD on his craft and taught himself all the instruments he knows. AND THIS WAS BEFORE YOUTUBE MAN! If you’ve never heard this man play guitar, then you need to check out his video below when he was inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The other performers had their guitars gently weeping. It was good. But when Prince …. that damn guitar BAWLED with the ugly cry and snot–his guitar told the whole dang story.

My Lesson Learned: If you want to leave a legacy, be known that you are a practitioner, consumer and pioneer in your craft. Side Note: If I EVER, EVER hear any one ya’ll talk ‘bout I’m a workaholic or I’m working too much, I’m not going to say a word. I’ll just show you this:   

Now shut up and let me work.

He designed transcendence and transformation.    

Prince knew from an early age what he wanted to do in life. In an Arsenio Hall show interview, he was asked what his life would be like if he wasn’t a musician.  He mentioned that he couldn’t answer that because music is what he was driven to do in his life.  But what special is that he used his purpose to help others in the community and the environment.  Even when he was in the background as the musician for the headliner, he STILL was able to transcend a crowd to feel the essence of God and transform their existence in a short period of time to an everlasting memory. Check out this epic performance of Chaka Khan’s tribute here:  (If only I could have been there.. I would have danced my shoes off).

My Lesson Learned: When you’re given a gift from the Creator/Source, it’s not meant for you only. It’s meant to uplift people to become better and do better. And if by some way you can help someone have an inspirational, memorable experience, then you are well on you way to creating a legacy; in other words –Be Your Own Damn Celebrity –to your community and family. Do something to help others in this life and use your gift to transform lives and transcend to higher feelings/thoughts of consciousness.

He was completely, unapologetically himself—and slayed it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Now, I’ve had some passport photos and driver’s licenses photos that were okay. (The one I have now is completely horrid). But dang gone it, how can this man slay in a dang passport photo?!!! His fro was 10x more glossy and fresh than mine! Not to mention his tailored outfits were just on point.  Shoo, let me get a seamstress… especially with how tall I am.

Prince-at-Arsenio Hall-Show-2014

And I haven’t even gotten to the smokey eye yet! I don’t even know how to do one eye good much less a smokey one and the purple royal one KILLT it! WTH??!!!

From the gate, Prince was himself and dressed the way he wanted, said what he wanted, did what he wanted and designed musical art how he wanted. Hell, his shade was so smooth it was galactic shade.

More than ever now—when we say “The Purple One” who you automatically think of? Now that’s branding!

I ask of Pantone to take Prince’s purple and hereby establish it as the “The Purple One”

This man was so comfortable being himself and so creatively unique and beautiful that it’s unimaginable who would ever play him in a biographical movie. (WARNING, WARNING –don’t even get ideas).

My lesson learned:  If I cannot be exactly who I am, then I’m not living. Prince lived his life doing exactly what he loved and doing it the way he wanted to live his life. And by that measure, he lives eternally. He was able to touch lives living a life of inspiring others and being his gender-bending, smokey-eye lovin’, suit-tailoring, galactic-shade givin’, supreme boot wearin’, passport photo slayin’ self in everything he did. Be who you are in your life and business – put your photo on your business card, have fun in your photo shoot for your website. Talk the way you talk with a friend in your email marketing. Connect with people they way you would want them to connect with you. There is absolutely no reason we should hide who we are –Prince didn’t and we love him just the way his is.

Play on with #eternalpurplerain, dear Prince and blessings on your new transcended journey.

P.S.  A few notes to take care of before closing:

  1. I understand Mr. Prince may have a private ceremony for his funeral. But please make sure that his outfit is slayed to God on High lest he rises up and givest thou everlasting shade. #wecanthavethat   *Let it be known that he was cremated in a private ceremony which is good because they would make sure his hair was laid right.*
  2. Whoever is organizing a memorial ceremony for the Purple party people, make sure they are Prince approved. As a matter of fact, if you were not acknowledged or knighted by the symbol, don’t bother applying. #sorrynotsorry.
  3. For the list going around of all the singers/musicians that actually keep real music alive, please make sure that we check up on them daily. Make sure they’re eating well, regular exercise, no stress etc. Add Smokey to the list too. Between the years 2009-2016, it’s been too much now. Time for a cease and desist. Thank you.
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