According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of visionary, it is to have or show powerful imagination. It also means having or showing clear ideas about what should happen in the future.  So, when the challenge topic this week from my blogging group came up. I had to step back a minute and think about (aside from everything else I had to do under the sun).

The goals of a visionary may be considered lofty by some, but in the eyes of an entrepreneur, its visionary.  This is what I set out to do for Black women who are bosses in their business or career, their families and communities. My stationery is merely a vehicle for your inspiration, motivation and celebration of everything in life –the good times, the bad times and even the downright shit-ugly ones. But its all yours and with my stationery lines made for you– you don’t have to apologize or diminish your light for it.

My goals for Visionary Stationery are visionary and the stationery in and of itself is visionary because; honestly, there is not much like it out there.  But when I talk with you at network events and other business stuff (that I absolutely enjoy going to) I get the word that its something you’ve been looking for.

So here are my visions for Visionary Stationery —

But before this, here’s some tips about goal-setting and it goes right into my goals for this month as well: Having visions are great, but action is even better. When I was a teacher, my lesson plan binder was BOSS! (I should’ve charge for its use but I gave it to the department for use for the teachers and training).  Anyway, any teacher will tell you that a lesson plan has standards, goals, benchmarks and objectives.  Why all of that just to teach about flippin’ ABC’s ? Well here’s the break down and how a teacher’s lesson plan relates to business, career or any project you are working on:

4 Tips for Project Planning

Standards : Your project or whatever you are doing has to have a purpose. You are not doing it out of the blue just because its there. There’s a reason behind it. Even if it’s planning for vacation. You plan your vacay because you want to relax, embrace a different scene and culture, interact with new people, learn historical, cultural information and more.  Same goes for a business project –it has to have a purpose behind it or its just becomes busy work with no value.

Goals: Your project has to have a long-term vision of what you set out to do. Mind the word here is long-term. This means that goals are not static–they constantly change due to new insights learned and trends observed. So as a teacher, I wrote my goals out instead of them being told to me because at the end of the week, if my students didn’t get a concept, my goals for next week changes. Same with business. If y’all didn’t get the concept of a product I created, then its time to rethink that goals and tweak it a bit.

Benchmarks: This is key because its like having an accountability partner without a mouth or hands to check you or slap you upside your head. Depending on how long your project is, you have to set a benchmark or an general assessment of what your project will achieve at the end. It could and really should be both about money earned and how it has helped others if your an entrepreneur. And it has to be strict and on point.  An example could something like –By the end of this project, Warm Hearts Company will have profited $5,000 in sales and gained 100 new clients/customers on email list.  This way, when you look back at your finished project you can use statistics from sales and all that other math stuff to see if you reached your benchmark or exceed (yeah math! I know! Yuck… well then hire someone sheesh! 😛 ).   And one more note here.. You will NOT meet your benchmark at times and its OKAY! Depending on the standard you’ve set for yourself, you may not get to that benchmark. But that’s the good thing about a benchmark, it a quiet, loud-mouth sentence to let you know try it again,  be successful, and do your happy dance!

Objectives: Whoo chile! I’ve seen many teachers struggle with this one because it’s challenging, but necessary. (Yes, it was a struggle for me too, but I got the hang of it). Anyway, objectives are hard-line statements that are measurable in terms of exactly what is going to happen in your project. It’s almost like a blue-print for your project–follow it to code and you have a successful project. Here an example using it for business — By November 14, 2015, all personalized journal product copy will have final proof-reading and uploaded to the website no later than 5 pm.— There.  This changes the scope of a to-do list because now instead of just seeing what you have to get done and doing it whenever you want to, you gave yourself a hard dated deadline to get the sh*t done and make sure its done well. Again, will you meet all your objectives? NO! Stuff comes up.. maybe your 3 year old decided it was fun to stick a cheerio up his nose…or the washing machine decided to conjure up the Poltergiest and went dead— Shit happens and your not going to crumble to pieces if you didn’t make your 5pm deadline. Then just check your plan ,mark a line through the 5 and make it 10 pm and make sure your 3 yr old stops putting stuff up his nose.

So now you have a full project blueprint planner on how you can manifest your visions and not just have them sitting in your head while you binge on Netflix. Your goals are merely long term stuff.. so here are my long term visions (not for the month, but long term) but ya better believe I got my planner in check –yep along with an occasional 3 yr old ripping off his pull-ups and running around naked. 🙂

Goal 1: My first business goal is to become an author and use have my books become a vehicle to showcase my stationery, especially my custom-made journals and planners that speak to women of color (our struggle, strengths, weaknesses and finding our purpose).

Goal 2:  My second business goal to be able to take my platform to speak to women of color to empower them to be their best selves through understanding their purpose and harvesting their destiny.. I would like my stationery to be a vehicle for workshops as workbooks or guides to help them on this journey to understanding the Goddess within.

Goal 3: My last and most important goal is to continue the journey of being exactly who I am along with self-healing and growth. My journey is mine and after giving so much of myself I think starting this month and beyond is a great time for me to focus and take action on my purpose, path and destiny and bring others along who truly love and support me–including my 2 babies (yes the running naked one).

BTW— If you would like this project planner as a PDF downloadable, let me know in the comments and I’ll send it to those of you who’ve signed up for my email list! 😀 See I’m just a giver by nature..that’s just me.. oh well.. tis the season right? Now if y’all can give me tips on potty training… we’ll be straight.

Toot Toot-Beep Beep Til Next Week!

Lauren | Visionary Stationery



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