Free, Printable DIY Halloween Invites and Treat Labels!

The streets will soon be filled with ravenous little superheroes, princesses and an occasional zombie or ghosts extorting you with the flash of a bright grin and puppy dog eyes for sugary goodness.

As I was busy doing my usual multi-tasking of homeschooling and working on my business,  I was chatting in one Facebook group.

A mom mentioned that some of the neighborhood kids may be autistic, have motor-skill difficulties, social difficulties when it comes to getting treats and that parents should be cautious of that.

This is when I present my idea of TREAT BAGS!

It so super easy and it makes sure that all the candies are safe for kids to get (everything is visible and not tampered) as well as make sure that everyone get the same amount. Autistic kids will also feel great because they joined the trick or treat fun as well (maybe even you–I may be adult but I will not pass up a good bag of treats too 😛 )

Also, it’s a great way to promote your business to your community in a subtle and giving way. You can place information in the blank area of the label to introduce yourself to the community or even provide a great offer for your business like an charity or training event, sale or discount! Remember its all about creating great designs, connecting with love and inspiring others with design 🙂

Watch my video below to see how to create a really great Halloween invitation and matching treat bags to give your goody goblins something special this Halloween!

And as my treat to you (no tricks), download my free, printable DIY Halloween invite template and treat label templates just in time for goody goblins knocking on your door!

DIY Trunk & Treat Invite and Treat Bags

Materials Needed:

  • Printable Halloween Invite and Treat bag templates (Download Here)!
  • Cardstock
  • Ziplock bags or Favor Bags
  • Candies (some to stuff & some to eat)
  • Scissors/ Paper Cutter
  • Bone Folder/Butter knife
  • Stapler


Creating Your Treat Labels!

Step 1:  Print Your Labels

The measurements I used for mine is 6.5 x 5.5 inches for bags that are the zip lock  Also, make sure to place your own message on your labels , can be “save the date” or any other message you would like to send about your business or event.  If you want to have print on the back, be sure to tilt your wording so that it can be read when you fold the cardstock.

Step 2:  Cut your labels out

Step 3:  Fold/Score Your Label

Find the middle point of your label horizontally and score it down the middle or meet point to point evenly and fold it down the middle.

Step 4: Fill Your Candy, Place the Label and Seal It!

Try not to over fill it so that it becomes too bulky so that your label won’t fit or it’s challenging to seal it. If you get the really good candies, I’m sure everyone will love it.

Step 5: Deliver and Have Fun!

Get out there and connect with your neighborhood with your new goodies and have fun! 😉

And here are they finished and ready to be sent!

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