Design Resources

A full list of design resources to make your DIY life a bit easier

I’m Black Y’all /Afro-centered Stock Photography (Mostly Paid)

CreateHer ( Created for Black women; Owned Black

Color Stock ( Created for people of color; Owned Black

Lola | 50 Shades of Black Stock ( Created for women of color; Owned Black

Getty Images  (Higher end photography and recent events)

Shutterstock (

123rf ( Refine your search by model-African American

IStockPhoto ( Ran by Getty Images

Think Stock ( Ran by Getty Images

Free Digital Photos ( Search African-American; Small sizes are free with attribution required- larger sizes paid.

Royalty Free Images at Can Stock Photo (Search for African-American) Note: *This is an affiliate link*

PicNoi ( Created for people of color.

Comma, Comma, Comma, Commercial Free Photography (Free Stock Photography)

123rf ( Attribution required

500px  Attribution may be required

Albumrium (

Compfight ( Search through Flickr’s creative commons

Creative Commons Photos (

Cupcake (

Death to Stock Photos ( Membership based; emailed monthly

Designerspics ( Attribution welcome; not required

Epicantus ( Attribution not required

Every Stock Photo ( Attribution required

Finda. Photo ( Search by color; check to make sure its public domain.

Foodies Feed ( Attribution requested; not required.

Foter ( Attribution required; WordPress plugin

Free Images ( Sign up process

Free Nature Stock (

Free Range Stock ( Sign up process

Free Stock Image Point (

Good Free Photos (

Gratisography ( Attribution requested; no required.

I Am Creator (

ISO Republic (

Jay Mantri ( Photographer shares images; no attribution required

Jeshoots ( Some free and paid

Kaboom Pics (

LibreStock ( No attribution required

MorgueFile ( Make sure they are public domain; most are free.

Pickup Image (

Picktography (

Pixabay (

RGB Stock (

Snap Wire Snaps (

Unsplash (


Design Me, Baby with Free Graphic Design Online Resources

Canva ( Graphic design editor and photo editor.

PicMonkey ( (Online Photo Editor)

Relay ( Intuitive graphic design editor

Pixlr ( Online Photo Editor –very similar to Photoshop

GIMP ( Downloadable Photo Editor Application for Desktop—almost identical to Photoshop

Tailor Brands ( Simple logo design –good for inspiration (must pay a fee for vector based logo)

Inkscape ( Downloadable vector graphics editor for Desktop- almost identical to Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Post ( Quick graphics app –only for Iphone users currently.

Youidraw ( Online vector graphics program-can also create logo designs- vector download of work requires a fee.

Method Draw ( Online vector program –export as PNG image only.

Creative Market ( The vortex of all really great design stuff for great prices; be warned –you may live there for weeks.

Design Cuts ( The parallel universe of Creative Market with tons of design goodies in low-cost packages.

Evanto (  A whole other star system of complete graphic mayhem including WordPress themes.

Logo Dust (  Subscribe for free weekly logo graphics you can use to build a logo design.

Color Me Bad with Color Schemes Resources

Adobe Kuler ( Pick colors from photos and download swatches into Adobe Creative Suite products. Sign up required

Coolors ( Online Color scheme generator (download swatches as PDF or images with color codes)-Pick from photos too

HTML Color Codes ( Pick the hex decimal color codes from any saved image.

Color Hexa ( online color code conversion generator

ColourLOVERS ( various color schemes or create your own; even various patterns and DIY your own patterns.

Color Palettes ( A variety of color schemes from various pictures.

Design Seeds (

Free Your Mind Fonts- Free and Paid Commercial Use Fonts

Font Squirrel ( Saving grace of fonts; even with a “matcherator” to search for a font by uploading an image.

Creative Market ( The vortex. Nuff said.

My Fonts (

Da Font ( A few are public domain; check on the right hand corner of the font to make sure its 100% commercial free. If not; you can always click the artist link to purchase the single or extended license.

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