How to Create a Signature Brand


How to Create Your Signature Brand! 

In this episode of Design SLAY, I talk about how to create a brand identity or signature brand with few simple tips and ideas.

Most brands incorporate some form of a signature in their brand identity to help their brands stand out and be instantly recognized from the rest of the crowd.

What’s your signature? And how can you create a signature brand for yourself?

Find out how to create one here.

Resource List

This week: Pinterest! If you don’t have a Pinterest Business account, I highly suggest you get one. It’s a super tool to use to get ideas and inspiration for your business, as well as promote your own business through rich pins and blogging. Check out for more info:

For more resources for your design needs, check out my resource list at

P.S. If you would like to know more about how to use Pinterest for your business and creating your visual brand, comment below and you’ll see it on the next edition of Design SLAY! 🙂 

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