Design SLAY: How to Create A Simple Logo

Apr 18, 2016

How to Create a Simple Logo

It’s time for another edition of Design SLAY! Yasss hunny! 🙂

In this edition, we are going into the world of logo design and how to create a really great logo design that is effective and simple for DIY Divas.

It seems like everyone and their mama is re-branding this Spring. Not sure if its some brands are getting visually dusty, but it doesn’t hurt now and then to change up your brand a bit. Besides as you grow and experience life, so does your business as well.

However, when re-branding or building your brand, make sure your visuals are consistent with your company’s values and purpose.

It’s important that your brand’s message is clear enough that it entices the right customers or clients to come to you. Honestly, if your brand message is solid and you give great value; more than likely people will come to you rather than you having to sell for them. Branding taps into who you are and what you have to offer this world in terms of solving problems. From there, it makes it simple to create a visual branding plan based on how you want to make this message visible to everyone.

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Creating a Simple Logo

So if you are crystal clear on your branding, and you’ve already created your mood board with all your inspirational ideas, then next is creating your logo.

There are several tools you can use to create your logo. My favorite two are Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape.  Illustrator CC can be purchased as a single app download for 19.99/month. Inkscape is a free downloadable open-source vector graphic editor and is pretty much just as good as Illustrator minus a few advanced bells and whistles.

One thing I’ve consistently heard, in terms of logo design who may train in branding or entrepreneurship, may mention to create your logo in Canva or PicMonkey.

I highly advise against that.

Reason being is Canva and PicMonkey are super graphic tools, but will not produce a vector based logo for you when you save to your computer.  If you’ve created your logo via Canva or PicMonkey, your logo is subjected to the quality limited to only web work. If you needed to create print work such as business cards, promotional material, book covers, etc, your logo may print extremely fuzzy and unclear. It can also be a hassle for printers who may need to adjust your print file for optimal printing.

So, leave Canva or PicMonkey to other graphic design branding rather than your logo. If you must have something easy-peasy to create your logo, then check out my resource page here for Tailor Brands which intuitively creates logos based on choosing various font pairings and patterns by your choice and coming up with several ideas for you. Some may come out generic but it’s better than having a janky logo.

Now that you have all that info, we can get on with the video. In the video below I’ll show how to create a simple logo using Inkscape.  Creating a logo in Illustrator is just as simple, just different buttons etc.

Was that easy-peasy; lemon squeezy or what??!!!

However, creating your logo would be so much easier if you had a clear idea of your brand and a plan for your brand identity! Brand what? ID who?  If this all sounds like complete gibberish to you, click my cute button below to get started on taking my FREE 3-day Brand Clarity Course!

Trust me, you will come out so clear on your branding, the flood gates will open and angels sing from the heavens!  Okay well, not all of that, but you’ll be ready to attract the clients and customers who adore you! 🙂  Click below to get started! 

Thanks for reading and watching!  If you doing a design and need some DIY FYI ASAP (like the acronym game..yeah me too hehe), comment below and you’ll get a shout out of your business and your awesome sauce design question answered! So what you waiting for boo, start chatting!

XOXO till next time!




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