Now that Memorial Day weekend has passed,  it is earmarked as the official time for summer! Break out the bathing suits, suntan lotion and vacays to the Caribbean to soak up the sun on lovely beaches of the Caribbean and other tropical destinations.

Since I am a Caribbean woman (Big ups to the V.I.), I fully embrace and acknowledge the beginning of summer. I welcome it with open arms! *Summer love hugs*

Growing up in St. Thomas, V.I., one thing we as kids we always looked forward to was Carnival! Now, in the U.S.,  a carnival is just all the goodness of summer with sweets, eats and treats of crazy rides and great fun which I do like. However, in the Caribbean, Carnival is totally different. Carnival in the Caribbean is usually a month-long celebration that celebrates the culture of the island including the music, people, dance, foods and history of the particular island.

So in the V.I., when I was growing up, when Carnival came around, many of us was “Supa-happy” because we know that school was coming to an end soon (LOL) and also it would be a month-long party where we could play in the “Village”, go on rides, and eat really great foods like tamrind stew, fracoes, cotton candy, and many other local foods until our bellies popped.

So in my color scheme series for the summer, I will be pulling colors from various parts of Caribbean summers like Carnival, local foods, and the overall culture.

In this particular color scheme inspiration, I loved the bright colors from this Carnival costume (photo taken by Sherry Talbot-Caribbean Travel Magazine “The beautiful colors of her costume simply enhance her own beauty.” View Photo…).

Color Scheme Summer 1

With these color scheme inspiration series, I’m challenging myself to create three different types of stationery with these color schemes… so look out for new stationery coming with the spirit of a tropical summer in a sassy, modern style!

Just for you, I have the Adobe ASE file for this beautiful color scheme if you love to create in Photoshop or Illustrator! It’s free just for you.. no opt-ins, lock-ins or anything! 🙂

Download Carnival Color Scheme ASE File here.

I would love to see what you’ve come up with this color scheme! Comment below with your designs or share it with me in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (#visionarystationery )!

Happy Summer! Get out and enjoy it! 🙂




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