Blazing Brands Podcast – Jessica Vann

by | Nov 16, 2016

Blazing Brands Podcast -Episode 1

by Featuring Jessica Vann, Brown Sugar Brands

Hey Visionaries!

Welcome to Blazin’ Brands Podcast!

I’ve stepping my footsies into the pool of podcasting! Whoa! And for my first episode, I’m interview awesome boss-sauce blazin’ visual branding consultant and designer, Ms. Jessica Vann of Brown Sugar Brands!

Let me tell you, her knowledge of branding and visual arts is off tha chain, y’all!

And in this episode, you’re going to get a look into truly how to build an awesome brand just like Jessica has done, some awesome tips about working in your business and even some info about your competition! It’s super jam packed with info you don’t want to miss.

Yass! So you play the audio above or you can play the visual audio below… you choose what fits your fancy. And hopefully all goes well so that we can ride the wheels off this thing to create get it really poppin!

Warning!  As I am an entreprenuer, I am also a momma.  My little 4 yr old, Zuri,  was scared of a dog. So he ran as fast as he could in the house because he was scared. 

So what you hear in the background… that’s him being scared out of his wits and his daddy.  LOL 🙂

Ok so back to the program…LOL

So click play and enjoy. And find out more about Jessica Vann and Brown Sugar Brands from the links below.

Jessica Vann, Brown Sugar Brands


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