About Visionary Stationery

Let me help you express your authentic self and chart your deepest visions in life and business with amazing designs that fully represents the entrepreneur you are—unapologetic and fabulously inspiring.

Life can be hard for a woman entrepreneur, especially being a wife, girlfriend, mom or caretaker as well.  From customer calls, administrative work, marketing and still having to turn around and take care of your family, you have a tendency to forget one important person. You.

I went through depression and a complete emotional breakdown.  I completely forgot to take care of myself and my development in business.  I recognized that depression is a mostly a lack of true self-expression of self and anxiety steams from a lack of understanding and taking action towards your purpose.

From this, I decided that in order to understand who I want to be as a Black woman and entrepreneur,  I needed a journal to chronicle my thoughts and a really great planner that details my visions towards my destiny.

Lauren V.- Visionary Stationery

“Love the Life You Live, Live the Life You Love”

 -Bob Marley 

So in the meantime, I used a either my computer or my trusty binder and loose sheet paper to chronicle my thought and plan my visions for my business.  This helped but it wasn’t motivating enough for me to write in on a daily basis or to really go back and revisit my business goals.  My binder is bland white and regular old loose leaf paper. Typing my journal thought just wasn’t cutting it. I’ve always love the feel and seeing lines of thought on my paper and I knew there was something I needed to do in order to have a voice for myself and my visions as well stationery that totally expressed who I am.

One day, I decided to create stationery and graphics that inspired empowerment and motivated purpose for me and other women of color in business.  They loved the fact they could finally have stationery that can help guide them in their life and also help achieve action in their business goals.  The light bulb moment came and here we are today.

Visionary Stationery became a stationery boutique with products designed to help Black women entrepreneurs express themselves and plan their destiny with beautifully crafted stationery. Visionary stationery is beautiful stationery for the visionary entrepreneur in life and business.


Some Cool Things about Lauren

  • If I was a superhero, I would be Storm from X-Men. She is a badass from the jump. Lightening! Hello!
  • Favorite Thing To Do Other Than Stationery Design? Sing, especially karaoke with some nice libation.
  • Dogs or Cats?  Dogs
  • Favorite Color?  Purple, Gold, …yellow, orange.. man all the damn colors.
  • Favorite Music? R&B (80-90s), Hip Hop (80-90s), Reggae (80-90s), Soca (80s-00s). I go as far as 2001 but that’s about it.
  • Pick a Book: Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol
  • Fam? My Parents, Brothers, My Sons and My Spari and others too numerous to mention
  • Hometown Big Ups: St. Thomas, USVI #rockcitymassive
  • Karaoke Champ 99%
  • Snack-a-holic 90%
  • Math Wiz 10%
  • Lover of My Fro 100%

Professional Highlights

  • (2001) Graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands and obtained a BA in Social Sciences and Secondary Education
  • (2001) Became a history teacher at the age of 21 at the local high school
  • (2005) U.S. Virgin Islands History Teacher of the Year
  • (2001-2006) Self-taught in desktop publishing and graphic design. Created my first business card.
  • (2010) Graduated from American Intercontinental University and obtained a BFA in Digital Design (Graphic & Web Design) (while pregnant 😉  )
  • (2010) Became a freelance web designer
  • (2013) Started Visionary Stationery. The rest is visionary…

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