3 Vacation Spots to Visit This Thanksgiving Holiday! Especially Those that Won’t Freeze Your Buns Off

Anyone that knows me would know that I can’t stand being cold–much less; I cannot stand being in cold weather. For one, it hurts my joints (click here to find out why) and number 2, as a woman from the Caribbean, anything under 80 degrees is chilly to me. You would think after spending close to 10 years Stateside, I would get used to it.

NOPE! Still cold!  And it ain’t even winter yet! UGGGH.

There’s only two cool things about Fall/Winter–(and not in particular order) : 1. Being cute (Some nice high boots, infinity scarfs, gloves and skinny jeans #slayed!) 2. Being with family so you can stuff yourself silly and get all the good jokes while you stuff yourself silly.

But I don’t necessarily have to look like Rudolph the Red-Nose reindeer in order to enjoy Rudolph and a bunch of flying deer.  There are three places that I know of –and my family would agree– would be awesome vacations spots for the Holidays without boots, scraping ice and pre-heating vehicles. 😐

St. Thomas, US. Virgin Islands

Yep, no snow and an occasional chilly night or two. But nonetheless, sand, sea, sun and food!  And Plenty of it, especially around the holidays. Virgin Islands people are foodies and I’m ever so grateful they are. Here I can have my fill of coconut tart (Ms. Patti can make some sweet potato pie— but my Auntie can throw DOWN on some coconut tart #comeonAuntieeee!!!).

Also, every year, the businesses in the area hold a celebration for the holidays called “Miracle on Main Street”. Here you can get the freshest, organic foods, vegetables, beautiful crafts made by local artisans, tons of deals from businesses in the area and also the air is filled with local carols from steel pan bands and also local soca bands.

“Battle of the Choirs” really brings in the Christmas morning with the sounds of local church, organization and school choirs along with a hearty cup of bush tea and ‘dumb bread & cheese’. It’s a morning to get filled with spirit and also get tons of jokes as people gather around to enjoy the festivities.  You cannot walk away from this and not feel relax and get into the holiday spirit.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands 

If you want a place you can just relax without any harassment and just enjoy the sun on your skin and sounds of the waves, Virgin Gorda is it. Usually during this time of the year, there are many regattas and beautiful yachts that comes from all over the U.S. and elsewhere to spend time to enjoy life in the BVI.  The island is small enough to enjoy quaint conversations with new friends and quiet enough to let you relax and enjoy your vacation spot. No need for phones, tablets and computers. Just go to The Baths (a beautiful beach) and soak up the sun.

©2008 Tripadvisor.com The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

©2008 TripAdvisor.com The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

A Caribbean Cruise

If you can plan this way ahead and have your family members join, this could be an awesome experience and you’ll get to visit more than one island all in one trip. And let me tell you, cruise ships LOVE to feed you –and it ain’t got to be Thanksgiving either! So just imaging how they will feed you for Thanksgiving or Christmas –and you don’t have to worry about lifting a finger to cook! Well maybe just one to say, “More please!” There are tons of stuff to do on a cruise and all the kids with their cousins, ‘Man-Man’ and dem, can hang out in the Kids Zone with supervised personnel on the ship, while the adults can hang out and catch up on all the family jokes you missed over the year. Plus, you got the sun, sand and sea from different Caribbean islands? HELLO! I would take that over popsicles on my window any day.

Caribbean cruise photo

Photo by aushiker

I hope this list of my vacation spots that I would love to be during the holidays is a big help to you. It helps to have new experiences and culture during the holidays and be able to share it with your family— especially without freezing your butt off. 🙂



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