Hey Y’all!

I got two great things in store for you today! Hehe 🙂

First, let’s start this party off right and quickly with my Color Scheme Challenge! And learn 3 Tips for an awesome logo all at the same time! 🙂

But this time, I’m switching up the flava…

Instead of reading about how I used the color scheme in our first Tropical summers color scheme-Carnival Colors (click the link to view the blog),

View it on my brand spanking new YouTube Channel below!!!!  BOOM!!! 🙂 This way, you can hear and see the way I created this business logo all from using the color scheme and the concept idea behind it.

Next week, check out how I take the same color scheme and create an invitation!

Feel free to share this with your peoples, the more, the better logo designs we will see. 😛

By the way,  if you love the graphic for this, you can download it for free…..but you need to be on my email list!

If you’re not.. no worries! Sign up here!



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