3 Things that Nobody Told You About Achieving Goals!

Setting Goals

If you recognize the person in the cartoon to be you, then you are like many people.  After the holidays, it’s back to business and those lofty goals you once had becomes a twinkle in your eye. I saw this cartoon by a fellow woman entrepreneur, NaQueen Zaire–founder of Marketing with NaQueen, and she made a very valid point.

We have these big visions in the beginning of the year, but what happens to the rest of the year?

Ok. I get it. I got you!

The New Year gives us this atmosphere that we HAVE to start on our goals for the New Year.  I was bombarded by goal setting for the New Year by tons of business owners.  And it felt overwhelming for me because I wasn’t ready to dive head first into my yearly goals.

It may be overwhelming for you too.

Maybe your new year starts on February 1st  rather than January 1st.   And it’s okay! Just as long as your start and finish!

There’s some things no one ever tells you about achieving goals you’ve set for yourself. Here are a few of them and how to deal with it.

Learn 3 things no one tells you about achieving your goals and three ways how to get them done!

  1. You will forget the goals you’ve set.

    With the million and three things we have to get done in our lives- business, your SO, kids, pets, Netflix… you will forget your goals you’ve set. It’s okay though! Don’t beat yourself up for it.

    Solution: Keep it visual. Create some way to keep your goals right in front of you, computer screen, phone, vision board; even better a goal journal–type or write them out. You will remember it more, especially if you write it and see it everyday (more on this later). 

  1. Life happens.

    There is something or someone somewhere that will try you to the ends of the earth and get on your last everlasting nerve.  The goal setting thing may not happen because you’re trying to just deal with life.

    Solution: Breathe in. Exhale.  Take some time away from it all and let your inner thoughts flow. You may not be able to reach those goals if you’re not relaxed enough to do it. Take some time for yourself and reflect; then write your goals down when you have clarity.

  1. Analysis Paralysis.

    Okay,  so you right the dang goals down but you’re so wound up about achieving the dang goal that you don’t even enjoy the process. You begin to nit pic about the details of getting to your goal that you forget the important details.

    Solution: KISS (yes kissing your boo helps, but not this kiss). Keep it simple, sweetie!  Make your goals measurable and short.  For example, instead of having your website done by Friday; set an objective to have your about page finished by Friday. This way you can celebrate and enjoy your process… even with some Netflix and chill! 😉


These are my ways that I’ve been able to get my ball rolling and ready for my new year Feb 1st, which happens to be my birthday week!   Take your visions one day at a time and enjoy the journey towards it. If you would like more tips and tutorials on getting your visions to become visionary in life and business, sign up with me below to get some love notes from me!




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