10 Things to Know About Me, Lauren!

You know when you see somebody and you wonder “I wonder what she’s like” because you looking at their pic on Facebook and judging, err.. analyzing real hard ? LOL.

Well why not take the time to find out and just say hi and make a connection? Some people think that because you have a business and stuff that you are all, biz all the time, but once they get to know you, really know you.. they see you and love you on a whole other level 🙂

So how ’bout me? I design and operate Visionary Stationery on a daily, but I’m certainly not all biz all the time…. Get ready to see me on a whole other level… and no, I’m not an alien.

Numero 1: I’m an Island Gal 4 Life!

You can take the gal out of the island, but you “cyan tek de island out ah de gal, meson!” I was born in New York (both parents are from the British Virgin Islands) and we spent a few years there until I came down with juvenile arthritis–real bad. So from a young age, I was raised in St. Thomas, “Rock City” U.S. Virgin Islands and there my entire life was gotten. I grew up to be proud of who I am and where I came from. So with everything I do,  I always rep the Virgin Islands all the way… #visonice #rockcitymassive. Yep!

St. Thomas-USVI

Numero 2: I speak four languages fluently

You may be thinking, “Wow, she’s so cultured.” And I am..LOL. I speak Standard Professional English, Caribbean/Virgin Islands English, Ebonics,  and Broken English with Sarcasm fluently. At times I can speak two or three languages in one sentence. Now isn’t that talent or what?!!! 😛 Oh I know some Spanish, but when they start going real fast.. I look like a deer in headlights.

Numero 3: Sing karaoke all over the world. Bucket list!

I LOVE to sing! I’ve been singing since I was 13 in my school choir and was about to major in Music Theory/Vocal in college, but things happen. Anyway, I wish they would make a karaoke machine for the shower. If I could sing all over the place, I would. It makes me feel happy 🙂 And I like hanging out with friends and just singing with a little light libation to wet my throat.

Numero 4: I love Numerology (and astrology too), but I can’t stand math!

Numerology (study of the energy of numbers) is what helped me find my path and purpose in life, but dang it, I can’t stand math! I love the energy of numbers and how it can provide a blueprint of who you are, your life’s path and purpose and help shape your goals for the future. But I’m so glad that I don’t have to sit in a statistics class anymore because math is kryptonite for me.

Numero 5: I’m 6 ft tall and I love wearing high heels.

Okay, I know its coming. I’m hearing you already. “How in the blue hell you wanna wear heels and be 6 ft tall?” Because I am 6 feet tall…. Nah, just kidding. But I love wedges,platforms and heels and I hate it when people tell me I shouldn’t wear heels because I’m tall. Models wear heels, why can’t I? My biggest pet peeve is going shopping for clothes because nobody thinks that there are tall girls. A mini skirt is really wearing panties for me and a long-sleeved shirt looks like I got sucked into a vortex in the dryer. SMH.

Numero 6: I was a high school teacher at the age of 21.

My first year teaching wasn’t easy. There was a time that year I was hanging out at the hottest club in St. Thomas as the time with some friends and I was just chillin’ with a nice glass of white wine. (Keep in mind the drinking age in the Virgin Islands is 18 yrs)  But, who told me to do that? There, I see 5 of my student rolling up in the club waving at me, biggin’ me up saying “Hey Ms. V! Wha you doin’ here?” This was my “WTF” moment as a teacher/young 20-something woman. It actually hit me that my age was very close to many of the seniors in the school. Needless to say, that ended my days going to that club and karaoke became my thing.

Graduation day -Lauren-Visionary-Stationery

Graduation Day at 21 and on my way to be a secondary teacher

Numero 7: My 3 favorite foods are Beef Pate, Saltfish & Dumplings, and BBQ Chicken (a full leg).

All I can say here is take a trip to St. Thomas, USVI and get you a beef pate, go to a restaurant for some Saltfish and dumplings (my Mom’s and Aunty’s  is the best, but that’s just me) and go to Texas Pit Barbecue and get a plate of BBQ chicken –then you tell me. When you have a dumpling that as big as your face with saltfish sauce dripping over it with hearty ground provisions like sweet potato, boiled plantains and fungi (a cornmeal dish)–then that’s heaven in a plate.

Numero 8: My dream vacation would be to see the pyramids in Egypt.

I’ve been as far south as Venezuela which was an awesome experience, but I would LOVE to take a trip to Middle East Africa to visit Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia, and also the Mediterranean like Greece and Italy.  I’ve always had a fascination with Egypt as a young girl and once wanted to be an archaeologist to explore the pyramids. But then my Dad told me I’ll have to learn advance math and that was a wrap.


Numero 9: One of my bucket list things to do is to be a Zulu in a Carnival in St. Thomas.

Carnival in the Caribbean is hype and a fun time to let loose and for everyone to have fun. The food, music, culture and experience last a lifetime.  One of my things to do on my list is to be a member of the Zulu Troupe and dance in the Adults parade which is a fun, but tiring because of the distance to dance. I love their costumes though.

Zulu Troupe Costume, St. Thomas Carnival

Zulu Troupe Costume, St. Thomas Carnival

Numero 10: My last baby (my 3 yr old) was born at 9 lbs 3 oz.

If you ever see me in person, you will see I’m a slender lady. So having a baby in my womb that size was like a swallowed a watermelon literally. And birthing him regularly was quite an experience. Now he’s a three-ager and knows how to do everything (but still needs Mommy and Daddy’s help) 😉 But after delivering my cute watermelon, I’m officially done. 🙂 LOL

So I hope this was a fun way to get to know me and if you ever see me on the street or in a karaoke club, just say “Hey Ms. V, wha you doin’ here?” From there we I know we can have TONS of fun! 🙂




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