10 Fonts that are Complete Dead! And What you Should Use Instead!

I know some of you out there are DIY Design Mavens! You can whip up a design in no time flat especially with free design tools like Canva and PicMonkey on the scene.

But for some of you, I’m going to call the Font Crypt Keeper on y’all.

If I see a design with one of these font styles in one of your designs one mo’ time, your design is going six feet deep!

Now don’t get me wrong, before a knew some stuff on design theory and the science of design, I used a few of these fonts (only a few now đŸ˜› ).  But now with the explosion of the Internet and access to typeface designers around the world. Unless you party hard for the “Font-Crappy Festival”, there should be no reason to use fonts like these below!

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3 Font Tips For Choosing a Really Great Font

  • Kearning, Leading and Tracking: Your eye can see if a font or rather typeface (the accurate term) you’ve downloaded has proper spacing in between the letters (kerning), proper spacing between each line (leading- if you are writing a paragraph) and proper alignment and proper spacing between more than two letter or the entire document (tracking). Most professional typeface artists and designers consider these important elements in their fonts but pay attention to how it displays in your design.
  • Style Application: Arial or New Times Roman cannot and will not fit every single design you create–besides there are many other choices beyond the grave than these two fonts–really there are thousands more.
  • High Quality Resolution: A great typeface or font collection will have a great resolution when you enlarge it. The lines are clean and everything is easy to read. Decorative fonts such as hand-lettering, brushed lettering and other hand created fonts that are trendy now are left with “imperfections” left within the font to keep the handmade look. Decorative fonts still have to be high quality in order to read clearly and be enlarged.

So now you know the rules, so here we go with the fonts that you should bury in a grave… deep underground… and please don’t even think of conjuring up these fonts. EVER!!!!!!!!!

Also, you can click on the links below to get access to download or purchase the good fonts.

P.S. I know Scriptina Pro is on the list as dead fonts only because y’all damn near wore out the pretty curls it that I’m literally gagging from seeing it. You have permission to dig this one up in about 20 years.


Font Downloads

Pillowbrook/ActionMan/Cinzel/Amatic SC/ Orchidee Light/Anonymous Pro/Voyage/EB Garamond/Pacifico

Are you font zombie?

When was the last time you’ve used one of these fonts? Comment & Share.. I promise I won’t bite đŸ˜€

I would love your take on it and I read and respond to all my comments!

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