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Read more on how to get there with your authentic story and how to design it visually.

(Pina coladas not included!)

What can I do for you? 

I'm just starting out!

I need my brand to be bombastic! But I need some customers and coins first. I just need to know the basics.

My Brand's a Hot Damn Mess!

I already started my biz, but my brand is a hot damn mess and I’m too damn busy

Girl, my brand's been FLAWLESS!

I just want to plan more flawlessness in my brand and look absolutely stunning while I do it!

Just when you thought your brand colors was slammin’; better than slice bread (without the butt  piece); then came my design blog! Read below and let me upgrade ya! 

How Did Prince Design a Legacy? Find Out Here.

How Did Prince Design a Legacy? Find Out Here. You would think that having pouring rain during the biggest time of your life would be a total wipe out. Not for a person that creates their legendary being. And you would think when a company denies access to your... read more

Design SLAY: How to Create A Simple Logo

How to Create a Simple Logo It’s time for another edition of Design SLAY! Yasss hunny! 🙂 In this edition, we are going into the world of logo design and how to create a really great logo design that is effective and simple for DIY Divas. It seems like everyone... read more